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From video taping your games to personalizing your very own player profile we make it easy for you and college recruiters to see how you impact the game -- all from a bird’s eye view!

Big Boom Video knows how important video is in the recruiting process.  We can provide you with the tools and information to create your athletes recruiting card.  With our a la carte service menu, you can create a project to fit your family's budget.  It's an easy and organized way to get complete DVDs of players skills and abilities for youth training or for coaches and recruiters.

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What are game DVD’s used for?


Visual recognition is the best training tool to communicate the lesson.


A memorable game, rival club, semi or final match in a tournament, share with the grandparents

College Recruitment

We shoot from a 25’ tripod and follow guidelines used by major recruitment companies. Ground level, handheld shaky footage is what the coaches have a hard time viewing. 

Also, with todays technology we can take the footage and put it into a URL, your highlight reel is now imbedded into emails sent to coaches and is easy to access with a click of the mouse.

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Highlight Reels for College Recruitment

Video Player Profiles

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